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How to level up your Winter skincare

I love nothing more in the winter than to cosy up in a nice warm house with a hot drink in hand while the weather starts to drop a few degrees colder outside and the days get darker. Winter is an incredibly beautiful time of the year, when everything is occasionally covered with beautiful snow. However, our skin is more vulnerable during the cold season and is often exposed to frosty winds and sudden changes in temperature. Have you ever noticed how your skin seems to lose all moisture by the time you wake up in the morning? The downside to having the heating on inside is the havoc it can play on your skin and lips, causing dull, lack-lusture skin and dry cracked lips. When temperatures drop, humidity does too, meaning skin loses moisture, becoming irritated and dehydrated. The good news is it’s easy to help!

You just need to treat your skin in a different way than you would during the summer months. Simply put, you need to change your skincare to suit the seasons just as you change your wardrobe with the changes in climate. Have no fear, just follow these top tips to boost your hydration levels and radiance during this time of year.

1) Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

The colder weather and central heating can cause the skin to become drier and often more sensitive. Make sure you keep hydrated during the day. It is good to keep the skin hydrated from the inside out and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Try swapping your coffee for green tea which also has anti-oxidant benefits for the skin. Use a good nourishing face mask for an added moisture boost twice a week. I would recommend the Eve Taylor Soothing Mask. A cooling gel based mask to help counteract dyness, redness and irritation. Soothing formula to hydrate and soften the skin with a skin quenching solution for dehydration. If you find you are short on time during the day, the amazing thing about this mask is that you can also sleep in it. It is like a drink for your skin as you sleep.

2) Lips also need some TLC

Lips are a very thin, sensitive and delicate area of the face. You need to up your lip care application more in the winter as this is the time when chapped lips are at an all time high. Did you know that unlike the face, your lips do not contain any sebaceous glands (Oil glands). This is why they are so prone to drying out. A little home remedy I use twice a week to exfoliate my lips are just two common household ingredients (Sugar and honey). Just mix a tiny pinch of sugar with a squirt of honey and gently massage over the lips for 1 minute then wipe away. This will help to remove any flakiness and help the lip balm to penetrate into the lips more effectively. Try the Eve Taylor seal & protect lip balm Nourishing oils lubricate while anti-oxidants quench free-radicals. It forms a protective barrier against the elements such as wind and UV exposure.

3) Book a hydration facial

While having a good skincare routine at home is key, it is also extremely beneficial to have your skin treated by a professional. Here at Serenita, I offer the Eve Taylor skin quenching facial. Restore hydration to your skin, plumps the skin and softens fine lines with moisture infusing hydrators. Giving your skin a much needed infusion of moisture and restoring that youthful glow. For very sensitive, fragile and reactive skins I offer the Eve Taylor skin rescue facial giving instant relief to sensitive complexions. Therapeutic Oatmeal instantly soothes and calms the skin, targeting irritation, whilst botanicals support and ease redness for skin that's happy, soothed, and resilient to environmental aggression.

4) Exfoliation is key

Gentle exfoliation shifts sluggish skin cells to reveal a healthy glow and enable your skincare products to absorb more effectively into the skin. Not just on the face but the body also deserves some TLC too. Exfoliating is even more key in winter due to our skin getting prone to dryness and becoming flaky. Just twice a week will also help prevent any breakouts or blocked pores around the forehead from wearing that cosy winter hat. I would recommend the Eve Taylor Exfoliating scrub A creamy exfoliant with spherical bamboo beads to gently buff and polish the skin surface. Or for very sensitive skin The Eve Taylor Micro-fine Daily Exfoliator A fine textured powder based exfoliant with fruit enzymes to digest and dissolve surface skin cells. Botanical extracts soothe, calm and brighten while leaving the skin ultra soft and smooth.

5) Don't ditch the SPF

Wearing sunscreen in winter is just as important as applying some much-needed SPF during the summer months. Just because the sun is not visible, doesn't mean that you need to skip your SPF during the winter. While UVB rays may not be as present (The rays responsible for burning). UVA rays (The ones responsible for skin ageing) are still very much present during any season and are even reflected by snow and ice onto the skin. Wearing an added SPF will help to give your skin some much needed protection, delay the signs of ageing, prevent the risk of pigmentation and keep your skin healthy and radiant. Treat yourself to the Eve Taylor C+ Bright Priming Moisturiser Provides broad spectrum sun protection with moisturising qualities. Skin brighteners help illuminate hyperpigmentation. Luminosity gives a healthy glow and provides an excellent base for make-up application.

So there you have it, my top tips and recommendations for glowing, healthy and hydrated skin during the cold winter months. Don't forget you can now book any of my treatments via the book now button on my website and social media accounts

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