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Our hands and feet can be exposed to some fairly harsh environments and experiences. It’s easy to forget that these parts of our bodies need some care and attention too. Having regular Manicures and Pedicures will ensure that nails are in good condition. This can help to avoid a number of issues, from cracked hands through to painful calluses on feet. Nail treatments also help to improve nail health and boost circulation. Please scroll through my list of treatments and click on the treatment image for a more detailed description.

I look forward to welcoming you very soon.


Treatment policy

Gel polish: Is guaranteed for 7 days after your appointment. If you notice chips or lifting within 7 days,  please contact me to schedule a

free repair. Repairs after 7 days for breakages, tears, peeling and corner breaks will be charged at £3 per nail.

Regular polish: I do not guarantee the longevity of any regular polish application once the service has been completed.  

As a small business the effects of clients not showing for an appointment or cancelling last minute can be detrimental to a business.

For this reason, If you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice when your treatment is due I am afraid I would need

to deduct 50% of the treatment fee. If I have a  no-show or less than 2 hours notice of cancellation before your treatment is due,  this would be 100% of the treatment fee. 

I understand that sometimes being late is unavoidable. However, depending on circumstances, if  you are more

than 10 minutes late for the appointment I may be forced to shorten or reschedule your service. I would still need to charge for the full service.

Thank you in advance for your understanding

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