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Getting the lowdown, on Reflexology

I first trained as a reflexologist in July 2012, and ever since discovering all the amazing benefits of this treatment, I was completely hooked.

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing complementary therapy, that works by manipulating pressure points of the feet to stimulate energy pathways in the body. This is based on the theory, that your organs and different areas of your body are mirrored in your feet. Our reflex zones are linked to other parts of the body via our nerves, so by applying pressure and massaging techniques to these zones we can relieve and reduce imbalances within the rest of the body. A reflexology massage is a very powerful and relaxing treatment that heals the body, mind and soul.

This wonderful 60 minute session can help to manage stress, lift a low mood and calm busy minds. It can allow you to take a little time out from your daily life and also help you to achieve a better nights sleep. Stress, especially can have a massive effect on other systems in the body affecting the digestive system, nerves, mind and heart. Reflexology can turbo charge the healing process. During the treatment I will work on the energy pathways as a whole before focusing on the key areas of concern to help you achieve wellbeing.

What can I expect during a treatment?

The initial treatment will include a consultation which will be sent out prior to attending to enable me to gain a detailed knowledge of your medical history and your lifestyle. It will enable me to build a greater understanding and to completely ensure the treatment is bespoke to your specific needs.

No need to undress for the treatment, you just need to remove your shoes and socks.

For your reflexology session, you will be settled comfortably on the massage couch. The lights will be dimmed with the gentle flicker of candles, the scent of calming essential oils filling the room and soft relaxing music will be playing.

The treatment will begin with a warming foot cleanse with heated mitts infused in peppermint essential oil. Then relaxation techniques followed by the main reflexology routine using various techniques and pressure points to work over the foot as a whole. I will be focusing on specific areas to bring the body in a state of balance.

I am not a doctor and can not claim to cure, prescribe or diagnose, but by working holistically I can help bring about balance to the whole body that could improve health and well being.


What is Reflexology good for?

Reflexology can treat and balance out so many aliments, the list could literally go on forever. Some of the main ways Reflexology can be beneficial are:

  • Stress and anxiety, depression, headaches, lift your mood and give a feeling of well being and help with sleep issues including insomnia.

  • Boost the immune system, fight off colds and bacterial infections, reduce sinus problems.

  • Reduce digestion problems, help with constipation and a sluggish digestion

  • Great for aches and pains arthritis, back pain, knee pain, tension in the neck, and shoulders, sciatica and stiffness in the body.

  • Hormonal imbalance including balancing the symptoms of menstruation and menopause.

  • Safe and beneficial during pregnancy (over 12 weeks) especially if you suffer from heartburn and morning sickness. Regular reflexology treatments have also been known to help shorten the duration of labour and stimulate contractions if labour is delayed.

  • Other benefits that reflexology can help is boosting circulation, fertility, Help control the symptoms of asthma, stroke and diabetes to help lower blood glucose levels and prevent complications.

I would definitely recommend this remarkable treatment if you are looking for complete wellbeing for the body and mind. Click on the Book now button to go straight to my booking system to the specialist treatment section and book your reflexology session with myself today.

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